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Mrs. Olga Lazarska (in Polish: Łazarska), graduated Master of Art from the Cracow Academy of Music; she studied the piano under Prof. Ewa Bukojemska and worked as her assistant within the first 10 years after getting a diploma. Olga Lazarska doubtlessly belongs to the actual elite of Polish piano teachers. She contributes her pedagogic talent to one of the most prominent Polish cultural environment, which is the City of Cracow, traditionally seen as the artistic capital of Poland. At present time, Mrs. Lazarska works in Colleges of Music in Cracow and in the Piano Department of the Cracow Academy of Music, where - among all - she lectures the methodology of teaching the piano.

Very many highly talented students polished their piano artistic skills under brilliant guidance of Maestra. At this point one should distinguish Miss Julia Kociuban, who despite her youngness had won many domestic and international piano competitions. She got the Grand Prix at the International Chopin Competition in Narva (Estonia) and Grand Prix at the International Bach Competition in Gorzow/Frankfurt (Poland/Germany). She was also awarded by the 1st Prizes at Competitions in Poland and Greece, and by honor awards at Competitions in Poland and Lithuania. Miss Julia has given piano recitals in such Polish cultural centers as Cracow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Gdansk and Warsaw, and abroad - in Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Kaunas, Vilna, Calgary, Tallinn, Pärnu and Narva. Additionally, she performed Concerti with symphonic orchestras in Poland and abroad (Mozart - KV 414; Mendelssohn - in G Minor; Chopin - in E Minor op. 11).

Mrs. OLGA LAZARSKA gives piano master-courses and pedagogical seminars; furthermore, she takes part in juries of the domestic and international piano competitions for the piano youth.

Going to a little bit deeper into more personal things, she likes dogs - especially such slightly crazy white-black mongrels, Anglo-Saxon and Polish modern literature (particularly, works of Mr. Jerzy Pilch).

Attention: Mrs. Lazarska doesn't like ice cream, instead she admires the homemade cakes and a bitter chocolate; hers favored color is violet in all of its tones; she also loves skiing and aerobic belongs as well to her beloved hobbies.

Composers: Mrs. Lazarska greatly likes monumentality of the vocal-instrumental music and the dark tonal colors as in music of Brahms, Wagner and Mahler; in the piano music she mostly likes Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Franck and Beethoven.

"Likely untypical, considering I'm a woman", she smiles...


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