Oxana Rapita

- pianist and pedagogue...






The Ukrainian piano tradition indisputably is very old, deep and magnificent: let us tell, that from the actual territory of Ukraine came such great piano masters as Sviatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels, Benno Moiseiwitch, Simon Barrere and before all – born in Berditchev, educated in Kharkov and Kiev – Vladimir Horowitz...



In the West-Ukraine, which was the truly  international “melting pot” in the late years of the XIX Century and at the beginning of the XX Century, have lived in the Elisavetgrad and its neighborhood such artistically important families as Szymanowski and Neuhaus; their truly close and very often visiting this area friends, were – among others – Arthur Rubinstein and  Paweł Kochanski.




Mrs. Oxana Rapita belongs to this great tradition; she studied and graduated from the 'M. Lysenko' State Conservatory of Music in Lviv (Ukraine) under Prof. Lydia Krykh. Postgraduate studies she has completed in the 'Gnesine' Musical-Pedagogic Institute in Moscow under Prof. Alexandr Alexandrov.




Since 1990 Mrs. Oxana Rapita works at the Piano Chair of the 'M. Lysenko' State Academy of Music in Lviv (Ukraine); from 1994 as well she guides the piano class in the 'S. Krushelnitska' Special Music School in Lviv (a School for the especially talented youth).


Among Mrs. Rapita's students are numerous laureates of international and domestic (Ukrainian) piano competitions; many of her former students continue the postgraduate studies, after others, in Germany and Poland.



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Mrs. Oxana Rapita has been awarded with many Honors as a pianist as well as a teacher: she is a Laureate of the Ukrainian 'M. Lysenko' Piano Competition in 1984 and got the Diploma at the International Piano Competition 'Paloma O'Shea' in Santander (Spain) in 1990; in 1993 she achieved the Laureate Honors at International Chamber Music Competition (Kiev, Ukraine).



Mrs. Oxana Rapita regularly gives concerts and recitals in Ukraine as well as in Poland, Switzerland, Germany and in Belgium. In May 2005 in the famous Concert Studio S-1 of the Polish State Radio she realized the archive recording of the 3rd Piano concerto of the modern Polish composer, A. Nikodemowicz.



Mrs. Oxana Rapita takes part at numerous Music Festivals in Ukraine and abroad, as – among others:


- Contrasts, Virtuosi (Lviv)

- Premieres of Saison, Music Festival (Kiev)

- 2 Days & 2 Nights (Odessa)


- Days of Music  (Cracow)

- Musical meetings (Warsaw)






As a teacher, Mrs. Oxana Rapita has been awarded with Honors at the International 'Balys Dvarionas' Piano Teaching Competition in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2002; she has got a Diploma ‘Gratitude to Teacher’ in 2005 (Kiev, Ukraine).




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