.Rzeszów 2010: again well done...!




The 9th International Summer Piano 'Idea-Image-Technique' Workshops - Master Courses in Rzeszow-2009, were organized by The 'K. Szymanowski' College of Music  in Rzeszow, 'A. Malawski'  State Philharmonic in Rzeszow, J. Hofmann Music Society in Wroclaw and the  T. Leschetizky Music Society in Warsaw.

Once again this event had received the Honorary Patronage of

A Mayor of the City of Rzeszów - Honorable Sir


Organizational Patronage this year had been offered by the most musically oriented Company Worldwide - TABLITEK. Media Patronage offered us Gazeta Codzienna, TVP-Rzeszow and the POLISH RADIO-Rzeszow; financially  supported us the four local  Firms - POLFA, GREINPLAST, ZETO and  CAFARDINI. We had been greatly helped by Estrada Rzeszowska, but - especially - by Mrs. Katarzyna Olesiak, Director of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of the City Hall in Rzeszów.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH - our Honorable Patrons and Benefactors!



Our Workshops were held between the 6th and the 14th of July 2010. Just as in 2009, the  classes and a final concert of soloists took place in the building of 'Karol Szymanowski' College of Music, Chopin Str. 32 in Rzeszow; some activities - thanks to the hospitality of our hosts - were held in the building of the Institute of Music, which is a department of the Rzeszow University. Rehearsals for the gala concert and the concert itself, due to the ongoing renovation of the Philharmonic barton, were also realized in the concert hall of the Institute of Music.




Institute of Music, Concert Hall; University of  Rzeszow.








Musical part of the inauguration were played our Dear Participants: Faisal Al-Bahairi (Kuwait) - F. Liszt, Transcendental Etude Eroica, Tomasz Zając (Poland) - F. Chopin  Bolero, and Łukasz Chrzęszczyk (Poland), who - being accompanied by Krzysztof Trzaskowski, his colleague from the Prof. Piotr Paleczny's class in UFCh - played the Shostakovich's Concertino in A Minor, and after then partnered his colleague in the two-piano version of the famous  Alborada del Grazioso of M. Ravel.


  Lecturers in the year 2010 were: Olga Łazarska - Academy of Music in Cracow, Oxana Rapita - 'M. Łysenko' Academy of Music, Lviv (Ukraine), Stefan Kutrzeba - Ylä-Satakunnan College of Music (Finland), Hubert Rutkowski - Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg (Germany) and Michal Szczepanski - Academy of Music in Wroclaw. Classes with piano improvisation including  elements of jazz was led by Kasia Stankowska, Wrocław (Poland). As happens every year, in parallel with Workshop for the pianists, the Pedagogical Seminar for teachers of the piano was also conducted by us.

  Professor Jerzy Sterczyński, Dean of the Piano and Organ Department at the University of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw was  A Very Special Guest   of our Workshop 2010.





The IX th edition of the Workshop was attended by young pianists from the Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, USA, Kuwait, Finland and Singapore: 

Faisal Al-Bahairi (Kuwait), Sabina Bury (Rzeszów, Poland), Kamil Borkowski (Warsaw, Poland), Łukasz Chrzęszczyk (Warsaw, Poland),  Michal Direr (Bratislava/Slovakia), Agnieszka Długołęcka (Opole, Poland), Aleksandra Górska (Bielsk  Podlaski, Poland), Paulina Horajska (Katowice, Poland), Hanna Jasińska (Bydgoszcz, Poland), Anna Kaczmarek (Warsaw, Poland), Małgorzata Kapica (Syców, Poland), Michalina Knapik (Katowice, Poland), Jan Kochmański (Rzeszów, Poland), Beata Kolatek (Czech Republic), Agnieszka Kopeć (Łańcut, Poland), Przemysław Korcyl (Cracow, Poland), Jakub Koterba (Siedlce, Poland), Klaudia Kudełko (Zamość, Poland), Franciszek Kutrzeba (Finland), Justyna Maciejewska (Opole, Poland), Wiktor Marcinkowski (Wrocław, Poland), Zofia Mazurkiewicz (Wrocław, Poland), Karol Mojsiewicz (Szczecin, Poland), Grzegorz Nowak (Cracow, Poland), Anna Parkita (Kielce, Poland), Eliza Pawłowska (Konin, Poland), Mateusz Podleśny (Finland), Martyna Rodzeń (Rzeszów, Poland), Aleksandra Rząsa (Rzeszów, Poland), Aleksandra Seredyńska (Rzeszów, Poland), Anna Smith (USA), Paweł Sobowiec (Warsaw, Poland), Anna Sokołowska (Wrocław, Poland), Adrian Sowa (Rzeszów, Poland), Shoko Tayama-Janssen (Japan), Mateusz Tomica (Katowice, Poland), Lin Xiumin (Singapore), Tomasz Zając (Gdynia, Poland), Magdalena Zębala (Cracow, Poland).



Just as in 2009, we lived in perfect conditions in DS Alchemik, being fed tasty and healthy by the academic lunch bar.  Refurbishment of the Philharmonic Hall and the construction of new parking hindered us a little life, but ... What counts, is the objective that justifies the use of even such a heavy technical measures...!



Here appeared many new as well, as many well-known "old"  faces...



Beata Kolatek  (Czech Republic), Janek Kochmanski (Rzeszów, Poland). 



Mateusz Podlesny (Finland) and Przemek Korcyl (Cracow, Poland);  Mateusz Tomica (Katowice, Poland).



On the set - from the left: Anna Smith (USA) and Shoko Tayama-Jenssen (Japan/USA), followed closely by Franek Kutrzeba (Finland / Sweden); behind him - Michal Direr (Slovakia).



Entering the school: "a strong group" - Faisal Al-Bahairi (Kuwait), ahead of him is Lin Xiumin  (Singapore), in the middle - discreetly - Dominik Żarnowiecki (Kielce, Poland); on the other photo: Magda Zebala (Cracow, Poland).



Justyna Maciejewska and Agnieszka Długołęcka came from Opole; on the right side photo - Ania Sokolowska (Wrocław, Poland) with her colleague, who participated in the Pedagogic Seminar only.



Wiktor Marcinkowski (Wrocław, Poland) came to Rzeszow with his Mom. "Others" - tend to be visited by their  Moms...



For the author of this page Michasia Knapik (Katowice, Poland) became the extremely joyful discovery! On the right: Eliza Pawlowska (Konin, Poland) in conversation with already so much enough photographed Tomek Zajac (Gdynia, Poland), that this time we dare to publish the totally new frame of him...

For several reasons we are not able to put too many photos on this site. First: this site is not to be the complete "Encyclopedia of Workshop Idea-Image-Technique, Rzeszów 2010", but rather the concise information on the Workshop's drive. And two: we do not ever have the enough extensive iconographic material...





We work ...





Prof. Jerzy Sterczyński during lesson with Magda Zebala.





Olga Łazarska on the pedagogic fire...  





Prof. Oksana Rapita and Ola Seredyńska.






Wiktor Marcinkowski explores mysteries of improvisation under the watchful eyes and ears of  Kasia Stankowska.





Dr. Michal Szczepanski and Agnieszka Długołęcka.





Prof. Hubert Rutkowski listens to Chopin's  Ballade in G  minor - Grzegorz Nowak at the piano.





No secret, in this world there are problems: Xiumin and Stefan - Shoko seemingly accepts our plan…





A very important element of the work - there is a break, for example, the coffee-break.  Mrs. Iwona Zając (Tomek's mom) and Mrs. Anna Tabaczyńska - GOOD SPIRIT  of  the WORKSHOP   - and  Prof. Oxana.





Again: no tea! Coffee ...!





Before the classes will start...!






We are here. The daily snapshot.





Mrs. Anna in an interview with Michal Szczepanski.  Who's waiting on whom...?!





My dear Friends from Kielce (from the right to left) - Ania Parkita, Dominik Żarnowiecki and Grzes Nowak.




At the table in the main hall Parents often met participants and guests.





Paulina, a daughter of our inestimable Dr. Anna Tokarczuk-Knapik, finally arrived...





Mrs. Anna Brachman visited our Workshop 2010, but - maybe - she becomes the participant at our Pedagogic Seminars in the future. Mrs. Anna, after diploma from the Academy of Music in Wroclaw/Poland, actually works  as a teacher of the piano in the famous 'The Szafranek Brothers' College of Music in Rybnik.





The most important part of our daily schedule yet - is the lesson (in this photo Ola Gorska and Prof. Oxana Rapita)...





...and hours of ours own practicing... (Mateusz).





Sometimes we have to wait for the instrument (Klaudia and Gregorz).





The thing is, after all, MOTHER MUST to exchange their views ...!





But Sons: have a critical look at the world ... Yes. This is Karol.





Positive attitude to everything? Let us learn this from Faisal!





What a title should be given to this photo? It must be just ... the very GOOD one!







The "Bohema"...  





Traditionally, artistically ambitious and interesting concerts were continued this year in the club-restaurant "Bohema" placed in building of the Regional House of Culture in Rzeszow.  In 2010, we could listen to a concert performed by the MUMUKI quintet founded by students of the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw. In the photo above, from left: Kaja Nowak, Łukasz Chrzęszczyk, Mikołaj Stolarski, Karol  Nasiłowski, xxx  -  and  Jacek Siemiątkowski. As befits,  xxx  is  the real Person...  - actually - it is Franek Kutrzeba, who at the invitation of MUMUKI played with  them a bravely improvised solo enriching one of the songs performed by the quintet.   





MUMUKI performed at the Workshop on the initiative of truly tireless music-worker,   Lukasz Chrzeszczyk, who played at the opening the Shostakovich's  Concertino  and Ravel's   Alborada ... with  K. Trzaskowski, after then, the two hours long and very demanding program with MUMUKI, and at the end - likely as if nothing had happened  -  performed the 1st Part of the Chopin's  Piano concerto op. 11 in E Minor with the symphonic orchestra.  It really was well-deserved scholarship  Prof. Janina Butor in memoriam, which he was given two years ago; Lukasz is an excellent pattern for younger generation of the music students, and - as I think - not only for them...! Sincerest Congratulations!






Getting to become friends with the Region...




It had become a custom in Olsztyn, that our Participants and Guests from the World become familiarized with the beauty of the Region, which hosts our Workshops. Beautiful is our sweetheart Poland and the Subcarpathian region, especially - wow! In 2010, as it was proposed by our Organizational Patron, Mr. Bogumił Sobota - we went to the Bieszczady Mountains. Not only to Solina, but to the very heart of the Bieszczady Mountains, to Wołosate - under Tarnica, to the very special Bieszczadian  landscapes and to visit the horse farm...  Let the pictures speak for themselves!










































Summaries - that is, the concerts ...





As the first guests, into almost empty Aula are coming Mrs. Zofia Stopińska from The Polish Radio-Rzeszów and Michal Szczepański.





One of the most brilliant highlight of our concert life at the Workshop in 2009 may be called a perfect performance of  the Karol Szymanowski's Myths by Anna Kaczmarek and Pawel Sobowiec (at that time, they both were students of UFC, Warsaw).



In 2010 we had the opportunity to listen to their lively matured and completely wonderful performance of the  Sonata for Violin and Piano op 94a of S. Prokofiev (this recording does not seem to me to be better, but still is worth listening to have just what-so picture of the situation).


Unfortunately, I do not have photographs of all the participants who took part in a concert of  the soloists. Here are only some of them:





    Paulina Horajska (Katowice, Poland)





Jakub Koterba (Siedlce, Poland)





Mateusz Tomica (Katowice, Poland)  




Magdalena Zebala (Cracow, Poland)





          Beata Kolatek (Czech Republic)





After a few years' break, Lin Xiumin (Singapore) came back to our workshop. In the picture: even on stage, tired but very happy after VERY BIG  performance of  Liszt's Sonata in B minor.






Symphonic concert...




• In 2010, thanks to our Dear Sponsors' generosity - of the City Hall at the forefront, and because of really cordial approach to the problem presented by  the Subcarpathian Philharmonic's Management - here the very warm thanks to the Headmistress, Professor Marta Wierzbieniec Ph.D. and the entire Team, in 2010 we were able to work in accordance with the model used in our courses in many previous years: in parallel with the Workshop for soloists, a group of several participants could play in a symphony concert with the philharmonic orchestra. This time the concert conducted by Maestro Slawomir Chrzanowski.






Michal Direr (Bratislava, Slovakia) - precision and maturity in the 1st part of  Concerto  in G Major by Joseph Haydn.





Claudia Kudelko (Zamosc, Poland) - presented very classical approach to the classical music. She performed the 1st Part of  the Concerto in A major, K.V. 488 by W. A. Mozart.





Sabina Bury (Rzeszow, Poland) played with the genuine brilliance the 1st Part of the Concerto in G Minor by F. Mendelssohn.





Lukasz Chrzęszczyk (Warsaw, Poland) received the truly well deserved flowers after beautiful performance of the 1st Part of the  Concerto   in E Minor by F. Chopin. Chopin.





Paweł Sobowiec (Warsaw) presented great brilliance and bravery in   Andante Spianato  and  Grand  Polonaise  in  E flat major, op. 22 by F. Chopin.





After the concert, just a few more memorable shots ... and? Goodbye, friends…!






Scholarships, awards ...



Scholarship Prof. Janina Butor in memoriam is annually granted to one of the participants of our workshops in form of the right to free participation in the workshops held in the following year.


In 2009, Tomasz Zając was awarded this scholarship. A year earlier this kind of help was  given Lukasz Chrzeszczyk. In previous years the scholarship laureates were: Aleksandra Jablczynska and Natalia Lentas from Wroclaw, Julia Kociuban and Jagoda Żulichowska from Cracow as well, as Radoslawa Jasik from Katowice.


Criteria for the award of scholarship are as follows: performance at work, the attitude during the workshop and - in general - the ability to work hard, musicality, understanding of the role of human solidarity as well, as of solidarity among our pianist - the professional one...






In the year 2010, the Scholarship - Prof. Janina Butor in memoriam had  been granted the multiple participant of our workshop, a very talented pianist from Singapore - Mr. Lin Xiumin. Not everyone knows, but this extremely modest man received the FTCL Diploma from the Trinity College of Music – a confirmation of the full academic qualifications in music at the age 11. Famous Glenn Gould received a similar qualifications in Canada just being 13 years old...


It is very probable that Xiumin will come to us in the year 2011.




We would like to Congratulate our Dear Xiumin and wish Him the very many, very lucky artistic achievements in the future!



This is still not the end here:





In 2010, our very special THANKS for the really sustained artistic collaboration with our Workshops,  have also been addressed to Anna and Pawel Sobowiec:  the one-week long studio stay in Finland had been funded to them by Lidia and Stefan Kutrzeba. In previous years, the stays of this kind were offered to Marcin Mogiła, Kamil Borkowski and  Lukasz Chrzeszczyk.


Warm Congratulations to Anna and Pawel!






Quo vadis...?




Repeating what was written at this place last year: ending this Workshop 2010 report, on behalf of Teachers and Participants I would like - once again -  to express my   to these all people, who were willing to take a nice, though, not easy effort of co-organizing this unique project!


Traditionally, very warm thanks are going to Authorities of the City of Rzeszów, to Directors and all Employees of the 'K. Szymanowski' College of Music as well, as to Directors and the entire Team of the Artur Malawski Philharmonic Orchestra in Rzeszów!


I direct my utmost appreciation to numerous people and institutions that came to our aid! At this place I once again must mention the TABLITEK Company and its Director...! "He knows best, how much we owe him..." - these were my words after the 2008, I repeated these words in the last year and repeat it with gratitude once again today!





Thank You so much - Dear Bogdan! Thank You so much - Dear Shoko: for your help in redaction of this page, and - of course - for so active promotion of our Idea worldwide!



I would like to very sincerely wish the Course-Workshop 'Idea-Image-Technique', the return to feelings of gratitude would be repeated within many, many years! Getting as friendly supporters, as - among many others - are Mr. Bogumil Sobota and Mrs. Shoko Tayama-Janssen, the great Chopin's pedagogic idea will surely collect the musicians, who prefer the creative elements in teaching and playing the piano and are able to see The Art of Music in a truly large humanistic perspective.   


One of the elements of our mission is to create a platform for intercultural and intergenerational understanding. On this occasion also, the adult generation gets a chance to meet with representatives of many different cultures and to get an opportunity to present the general and  musical achievements of our Polish society in the Region and in the City, which takes us in such an extremely cordial manner. As it had been said more than once:  we are looking forward to fruitful cooperation also in future years.


Thank You Very Much, Honorable Friends!


I hope, despite the various obstacles and difficulties, which no one can be protected from, we will be able viribus UNITIS  conquer these obstacles and problems and happily approach the Jubilee: the Xth edition of our Workshop.





Also in 2011, once again someone will sit at this beautiful instrument...! There is no other way, ever. We have an Idea, we know - what kind of  an  Image we want to create. The Technique needed for its implementation must also be found ...!











For some years now, our workshop-memories have been filled up by  several bits of information relating to the successes  achieved by our participants.


We really do not assign ourselves the authorship of these successes - it would be ridiculous! Well, we know very well, how much work and talent are put into artistic development of our former participants by our Colleagues–teachers of these young people.


However, we are extremely pleased that even such greatly gifted young pianists who are prosperous artists, still feel the need to "check up" their quality of their skills on the basis of our workshop; and they are truly interested in listening to the opinions given by the specialists who guide the classes in our workshop..



We invite you and your friends also in 2011!







Przemek Korcyl won the 'Irena Rolanowska' Competition in Cracow.





Impressively rich is the last year competition portfolio of Beata Kolatek: two First  Prizes - in Prague (Czech Republic) and in Italy; awards and honors in others piano solo and chamber music competitions in the Czech Republic.





Do you recognize this guy on the right side of this photo  (in the black shirt)?  Yes, he was many times the participant of our workshop, Pawel Wakarecy! In autumn 2010 Pawel was the best Polish pianist participating in the XVI International Frederic Chopin Competition in Warsaw. In the photo, from left: Michal J. Kozlowski, Julia Kociuban, Kasia Stankowska - and Pawel...



Our Very Best Congratulations and Heartfelt Wishes to all these Happy Musicians!



With deepest respect and gratitude to all Dear Visitors of these pages!


                                 -    Stefan Kutrzeba





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Almost all the photographs on this page come "out of hand" of Mr. Bogumil Sobota.


Very Big Thanks to him also for this kind of help...!


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