I am truly pleased...

I would like to express my Profound Thankfulness to Prof. Teresa Manasterska, Ph.D. ('F. Chopin' Academy of Music, Warsaw) and Mrs. Maria Grzebalska, MA ('F. Chopin' High School of Music, Warsaw) - who represent the Polish Section of European Piano Teachers Association. Thanks to many invitations that I have got from the EPTA-Poland, I could thoroughly check my interpretation of the Chopin & Neuhaus' System at various piano-courses, workshops, seminars etc. – working with highly talented young pianists, mainly – winners of Polish and international piano competitions for the piano juniors.

I am profoundly grateful to Prof. Irena Poniatowska, Ph.D. and Prof. Maciej Golab, Ph.D. (University of Warsaw) for the serious bibliographical help; as well I am very grateful to Prof. Günter Ludwig (Köln, Germany) and Prof. Udo Schneberger (Universities of Himeji and of Osaka, Japan) for theirs significant artistic support. I would have probably never found the adequate way to the Chopin's Method having no possibility to experience Prof. Valery Klimov's (Saarbrücken, Moscow) teaching, just accompanying his students at many Master-courses; watching for his own playing I have got the first and deciding impulses for my own research.

As well I would like to express very hearty appreciation to my Friends, Musicians from Canada, USA, Germany, China, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Holland, Finland, Japan and Poland - who have greatly helped me giving critical opinions, suggesting new ideas or just offering theirs friendly assistance.

The last, however not Least Thanks I would like to dedicate to my Dear Wife Lidia and to our brave sons - Jan and Filip! Having theirs understanding and love I could accomplish my artistic and pedagogical plans.

Thank you Very Much!

Stefan Kutrzeba


Actualized: 2004-11-12