PIANO COURSES AND SEMINARS centered on the Chopin & Neuhaus' piano pedagogic system.

V. Horowitz said: "After Blumenfeld - Neuhaus was the artist whom I owe most of all."

Well, such courses, lessons and seminars I am actually speaking about, are suitable for students of every schooling level. The courses could be organized around the whole year. Duration of courses and terms of the lessons (seminars) depend mainly of the participants' personal requests.

The learning forms of the courses could truly be profitable to children who just starting to play the piano as well, as to those who study the piano on academic level. The courses, additionally, might be very interesting to piano teachers who would like to see, how the Chopin's Method can be used in teaching on many different schooling levels.

Due to the HOLISTIC NATURE of the system being used at the courses, the participants can clearly see HOW is possible to improve the TECHNOLOGY of work on artistic interpretation - at first: grading ours own SELF-CONTROL up to such level that guarantees the real professionalism in playing the piano.

Becoming acquainted with the Chopin & Neuhaus' system, the participants are getting a real possibility to creatively use theirs own ARTISTIC INTUITION.

It quickly becomes apparent, the artistic intuition acts as the MAIN POWER that truly directs the whole process of MUSIC MAKING on the piano. The Chopin & Neuhaus' system teaches as well - how is possible to radically reduce the quota of a raw physical power in playing the piano, changing its drive into application of fingers' energy in its proper co-operation with flexible use of the hands' weight (Chopin, Godowsky, Hofmann, Neuhaus).

You cannot believe yet - this all could truly be possible?

Let you check up then the catalogue of piano-pedagogic questions presented on my Web-pages and try to compare them to the contents of many different, even very "modern" books and papers related to the same problem... - please!

What in case, you would like to become personally acquainted with The Method?

Let us try to play the piano better!